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American Barfight
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He's been playing punk rock since before you were born.
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Genre - street-punk rock-n-rollYear established - 2005Brief History of band - In late July 2005, American Barfight was born. A three piece band of veteran punk motherfuckers playing their own blend of street rock n roll, like a curbjob to the face they attack fast and furious and will stay with your forever. From agressive streetpunk to good ole fashioned rock n roll, after one listen they will either have you ready to fuck, fight or slam back a bottle of whiskey. You ain't seen nothing like this before.
Sean Abandoned: guitar & vocalsOn guitar we have the legendary frontman of Beer City recording artists the Bristles, releasing three full lengths and a slew of 7"s over the years, selling over 50,000 copies. Former head of Pogostick Records, releasing the likes of The Wretched Ones, The Showcase Showdown, Those Unknown, Dropkick Murphys and many more. Currently beyond his role in American Barfight, he has produced records for Johnny Thursday & the Friday Knights as well as Trouble Bound for Hangmen Records. He also runs Abandoned Graphix, and has done designs for many bands album covers, t-shirts, etc.
Chikn Bob: 6 string upright bass & vocalsWielding a 6 string upright bass, tattoos, and one bad attitude, Chikn Bob swills his Jack Daniels just waiting for a chance to engage in his favorite sport, bare knuckle boxing. Former bass player for The Tombstone Brawlers; as well as other acts such as Somewhere Between Murder and Suicide, Mr. Greenjeans, The August, The Fairview Street Jazz Quintet, and The Brainsucks. Bob has proven to be a staple of the northern New Jersey punk scene for over 10 years.
Kevin Coholic: drums American Barfights newest addition, the former drummer of Hangmen records artists Trouble Bound, and The Black Romoes, is proving to be a powerful addition to the rhythm section. He has had recordings released with Trouble Bound and The Black Romoes, on both Hangmen Records and new upstart label Pirates Press Records, being included in thier 7" picture disk boxset.
Release list - "swing with your right" 5song cdep on hangmen reckrdsContact Info: via myspace, email mailinglist@americanbarfight.com, or chikn's cell 973-296-5456
and you can pick up some merch at www.cafepress.com/barfight.